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Coach eligibility policy for competitions

Coach eligibility policy for competitions


  1. All coaches in all organizations (civilian club, recreational club, school club, college club, university club) must hold a Badminton Québec coach affiliation with a criminal record. Link for affiliation | link for backcheck
  2. Have the required coaching level and training status for the target clientele (eligibility criteria).

3 coach levels  
Modules 1-2-3Module 4-5Modules C-1 to C-10
3 training statuses
In trainingFormedCertified
1 of the modules completedAll modules completedCompleted evaluation

Badminton Québec Competitions 
Yonex junior circuitRegional coach in training
Yonex CircuitRegional coach in training
Provincial championshipsTrained regional coach
National competitions
National toursCertified Regional Coach
National championshipsCertified Provincial Coach
RSEQ Competitions
University Circuit (head coach)Trained development coach
University circuit (other coaches)Trained regional coach
College circuit (head coach)Trained provincial coach
College circuit (other coaches)Trained regional coach
Provincial School Championship (one coach per region)Trained regional coach
Other competitions
Quebec GamesTrained regional coach
Canada GamesTrained development coach


Badminton Québec and Badminton Canada issue separate badges that give you access to the courts during competitions. You must go to the control table to receive your badges.

It is also important to note that officials will only allow access to the courts to coaches who have their badges.

recommendations to coaches on appropriate clothing for stages.

Inappropriate dress during competitions:

❌ Inappropriate attire includes (but is not limited to) jeans, camisoles and the wearing of sandals or slippers, Bermuda shorts and swim shorts.
It is up to the head referee to decide whether or not the attire is appropriate.

Dress appropriately for competitions:

✔️ Either by wearing the team outfit (or sportswear), or by wearing a t-shirt, polo shirt, shirt or blouse, long pants and closed-toe shoes.
Here are two images of good examples to follow with the appropriate outfits: