Promo 3 manuals

Promo 3 manuals


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Promo 3 manuals

Introduction to badminton

  • This manual assembles an abundance of useful information for players and facilitators who are new to badminton. Among other things, simplified rules of the game, tips on buying equipment, and learning tools for each of the basic technical shots are described. Educators will surely appreciate the recreational competition formats as well as entertaining games for managing player rotations on the courts.

Badminton - learning activities for elementary schools

  • This manual presents over 75 progressive learning situations for Grades 2 to 6. The instructor is provided with practical solutions to space planning and a method to refresh formative evaluations that are essential to integrating learning skills.

Badminton - from apprenticeship to competition

  • Describes and illustrates 15 technical badminton shots, along with common mistakes observed, fixes, and learning tools associated with each of them. Basic strategies for simple, double and mixed doubles are presented.
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